Scripps Institution of Oceanography Postdoctoral Scholar Program

Postdoctoral Scholars at Scripps

A leader and innovator in oceanography and marine technology for 100 years, Scripps Institution of Oceanography is one of the oldest and largest centers for marine science research in the world. Today, scientific investigations at Scripps span physical, chemical, biological, geological and geophysical studies of the oceans, earth, and atmosphere.

Among the more than 300 research programs under way at Scripps, many are interdisciplinary, linking discoveries in one subject to advances in other areas. This approach to basic science is now being applied to how the physical environment affects life systems and to aspects of global change, ocean pollution, and marine resources.

At Scripps, observation, measurement, and collection of samples and data are accomplished on global, regional, and local scales by extensive shipboard, ground, and aerial operations and include remote sensing by satellites and the use of wide-ranging instrument networks. Theoretical developments and modeling play a strong role in data interpretation and guide the design and implementation of experimental work.

There are many postdoctoral opportunities at Scripps. These include positions with individual researchers or faculty advertised throughout the year as they become available. The Scripps Postdoctoral program is an annual competitive program funded by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. One or more positions are given each year to new or recent doctorates in the general research areas of Oceans & Atmospheres, Biology or Earth Science. Information about ongoing research projects at Scripps can be found on web pages for Scripps Researchers and Faculty at, where candidates may identify potential postdoctoral mentors.

Applications for Scripps postdoctoral awards are due by Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016 and successful candidates can begin work at Scripps any time after notification and before December 1st of the year of the award. To be eligible for one of these awards, an applicant must have received the doctorate degree within the past 3 years, or provide a certified letter from a university official stating that they have completed all of the requirements for their degree, including completion of their final thesis, prior to the start of the appointment. The program is not open to current or former Scripps Graduates or Postdocs.

Awards are competitive with a major emphasis on potential for independent, creative research. The positions are initially for one year, with renewal for a second year, subject to satisfactory performance.

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