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Arthropoda Malacostraca Decapoda | Anomura
Munidopsidae Munidopsis cortesi
Genus Species

FK190106, BI-2019-006, NSF OCE-1634172



CR19-0038, MZUCR 3761-01. Event: S1/8 and rock slurp. Originally entered with event "S1/8 and rock slurp" but CR19 photo files indicate the correct event is "S4 galatheidÊcoveredÊinÊbacteria". Ethanol material: 1 (2 ml). Photos: 0706-09 x0.63.

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S0213 S4

Jaco Summit

9.174° N
84.7999° W

742.2 m

Jan. 6, 2019

ROV SuBastian

R/V Falkor

Greg Rouse, Allison Miller

Paula Rodriguez-Flores

EtOH 95%

EtOH 95%

S0213-S4. Sampled with: Starboard Manipulator. Sampled into: Suction Sampler - Chamber - 04. Sample type: Rock. Event logger description: 'galatheidÊcoveredÊinÊbacteria andÊshrimp'.