Annelida Polychaeta Sabellida
Siboglinidae Polybrachia sp.
Genus Species

FK181031, BI-2019-005




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Hot Hole Juwak Yuum (Two Eyes), JaichMaa Vent Field, Pescadero Basin

23.9492° N
108.8533° W

3712.09 m

Nov. 16, 2018

ROV SuBastian

R/V Falkor

G. Rouse, E. Tilic

G. Rouse

10% formalin

50% EtOH

S0195-PC1. Event log description: side wall of the big hot hole (had frenulates!). Hot hole - shimmering, vigorous venting, partway down eastern flank of hothole. Sampled into: Core 1.

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